Feature Walls

The client hired Perfetto Painting and Decorating to paint some feature walls in the bedrooms. Each feature wall presented its own challenge.

The blue stripes on the first bedroom were painted to match the bed linen and respect the measurements provided by the client. The introduction of white stripes helped harmonize the two different shades of blue and also allowed the whole work to be perfectly centered.

The stripes on the second feature wall were painted also to match the Missoni bed linen. In this case the width of the stripes were worked out according to the strength of the colour, in order to avoid one colour to overpower the rest and keep the feature wall visually balanced.

In the master bedroom the feature wall presented a different challenge. All stripes had to be exactly the same size with a wider pink stripe to be painted in the proximity of the wife’s side of the bed.

The products used were Dulux Wash&Wear Low-sheen and Dulux Design Metallic Silver.

Project Year: 2011